Infocomm 2016

Angled Video Wall: NVIDIA NVS 810 with MOSIAC and WARP
AV Technology Winner Best of Show

NVIDIA’s 8 output NVS 810 digital signage and multi-display powerhouse board teamed with Seneca’s new VWC-MINI to drive an eight display video wall – but with a twist!  All displays were canted at a 20° angle so NVIDIA’s MOSAIC and WARP technology was used to treat all displays as a single logical panel and to correct – in real time- the video geometry to play properly across the angled displays.  All this from a system costing significantly less than $2,000 while competing solutions, requiring digital processors, start at $10,000 and up.

For more information about Architectural Display Walls Using NVAPI watch the GTC presentation from Doug Traill - Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA or download the PDF.
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Pro VR : NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB and MSI VR-Ready Mobile Workstation

MSI’s Quadro M5500M powered notebook workstation, the MSI WT72, and a Seneca mini-tower fueled by a Quadro M6000 24GB board teamed to deliver a Pro VR demo that fundamentally changes the way immersive visualization projects are delivered and experienced. Using the power of the Quadro M5500 graphics card with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, MSI’s VR-Ready mobile workstation drove the Oculus VR headset. While the Oculus’ user viewed the VR environment, the M6000 24GB equipped system mirrored the results in real-time to a display where multiple viewers could share the experience.

Immersive Design Studios innovative software bridged the gap between a single person Oculus VR experience, and a more traditional approach where viewers watched a standard display – which could easily be scaled to a multi-display or projector video wall.

Booth Partner Seneca wins AV Technology Best of Show InfoComm 2016 Award

For the second year running Seneca’s VWC-PLUS was awarded AV Technology Best of Show InfoComm 2016 Award . With the ability to drive up to 16 fully frame locked displays at 4K resolution the VWC-PLUS highlighted the GPU density, ultra-high-resolution capabilities, and synchronization functionality available to high-end digital signage or immersive visualization environments provided by NVIDIA Quadro powered and Quadro Sync enhanced solutions.

Immersive Design Studios


Architectural Display Walls Using NVAPI Presentation by Doug trail (NVIDIA)

This session is aimed at developers who want to utilize NVIDIA's Warp + Intensity APIs. Doug Trail demonstrates how to use NVIDIA's Warp API to create arbitrary screen layouts, mixing landscape and portrait displays with MOSAIC. Download PDF

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